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Kothavara kondattam

Kothavara kondattam


Kothavara kondattam

Kothavara Kondattam otherwise called cluster beans kondattam can be used as a combination of curries or they can be fried and served as rice accompaniment. Cluster beans lowers the bad cholesterol levels to improve heart health and lowers the risk of a heart attack. They also contain Vitamin A,B and K, minerals, fibre, folic acid and potassium, which prevents heart complications. The iron in these beans increases the body's haemoglobin production and allows blood to carry more oxygen around the body. Cluster beans also contain calcium and phosphorus which help to strengthen the bones.

  • 100% natural. No preservatives.
  • Traditional deep-fried condiment with Indian flavours with nutrients.
  • Fry in wood pressed oil to relish its taste and health benefits.

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