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We are revolutionizing your food shopping experience by bringing you to the grassroot level of food production. Choose from our various packages and take your first step to natural and organic lifestyle




    • Package Rate: Rs.2999
    • Package Discount: 10% OFF 
    • Package Duration: 30 days




    • Package Rate: Rs.1699
    • Package Discount: 7% OFF 
    • Package Duration: 20 days




    • Package Rate: Rs.899
    • Package Discount: 5% OFF
    • Package Duration: 10 days

For Package opted customers, minimum order for free delivery is Rs.250 or above. Else a delivery charge of Rs.20 will be added to bill amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscribing a package with Organic Planters is simple. You need to sign in through the subscription form and select anyone from our range of predefined packages as per your choice and checkout after payment.

When you subscribe to a package with Organic Planters, you would be able to avail of various discounts over and above the other prevailing discounts offered to a normal user. However, in case the other discount being above the package discount then the additional discount would reflect in your user wallet.

Once you subscribe to a package, the amount would reflect in your ‘’Package Amount’’. You can add the products you wish to buy in your cart and at the time of check out opt for “Package Amount”. The amount automatically gets deducted from your “Package Amount” and the discount earned would get credited to your user wallet.

Once your package period is over, the unutilized amount gets transferred to your ‘User Wallet’ and while making payment you can select the ‘User Wallet’. However, since the package period is over you wouldn’t be able to avail the package discount.

You can select the available amount from the ‘Package Amount’ and the rest can be taken either from your ‘User Wallet’ or you can opt for other payment options like Google Pay, internet banking , debit/credit card or you can opt both ’User wallet’ and other payment options.

The discount amount applicable on the bill would get credited to your ‘User Wallet. For eg. In case you have Rs. 3500 in your ‘Package Amount’ and you have made a purchase of Rs. 2000 then your ‘Package amount would be reduced by Rs. 2000 and the discount let’s say 10%, that means Rs. 200 will get credited to your ‘User Wallet ‘ which you can use on your upcoming purchases.

Higher discount will be applicable in different scenarios:
When the ‘product or seasonal discount’ is Higher Than the Package Discount - In such case the higher discount will be applicable. However the package discount amount and additional discount amount will get credited to ‘User Wallet’
When the ‘product or seasonal discount’ is Equal To the Package Discount - Package discount will be applicable. User will get credited the package Discount amount in ‘User Wallet’
When the ‘product or seasonal discount’ is Less Than the Package Discount - Package discount will be applicable. Users will get credited the package Discount. in ‘User Wallet’.

The ‘User Wallet’ by Organic Planters, is a virtual wallet which the user can recharge for a cashless transaction. For the package subscribers, package discount gets credited to ‘User Wallet’. This amount could be utilized during check out.

We are committed to 100% safe online transactions. Your privacy is important to us and we work to keep your information secure. We use Razorpay payment gateway which uses the highest assurance SSL/TLS certificate, which makes sure that no unauthorized person has any access to your sensitive payment data over the internet.