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Animal husbandry At our farms, we rear livestock by utilizing only organic and biodegradable resources for nutrition, health, housing and breeding of animals. They are reared on our organic farmland, given natural organic feed and routine check-ups to get the finest quality milk, honey, meat, eggs etc. Their biological wastes are converted into natural manure and pesticides for our crops. We strictly avoid the usage of synthetic inputs like feed additives and genetically modified organisms at our farmyard.



We know there are numerous small and medium farmers producing fresh organic food and other value added products in our local region. Organic Planters are in search of such agriculturalists, as we are looking for a market through the local food and sustainable hub.

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We have a group of farms who strictly follow organic processes for their cultivation. We also provide a visit to those farms for Farm visit registered groups. Take a look at those farms. If interested for farm visit, you can register for the same by clicking the below button.

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