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We Support Farmers

  • Why is organic farming regressing?

  • The fundamental goal of our work is to uplift the local farmers and support them in food production. It takes a lot of effort, time and dedication to follow the natural farming practices and organic farmers do not profit as much as the conventional farmers who use pesticides do. Only by increasing the demand for organic produce, we can help bridge this difference and provide the organic farmer a reasonable price for his supplies. When middle men control this food system for profit, both farmers and consumers are at loss.

  • Organic planters: A saviour for organic farmers

  • We at Organic Planters, as middle men, are ready to provide the farmers a reasonable price and supply the consumers in the lowest possible cost, by just adding the packing and delivery expenses. By making our consumers switch to organic or naturally grown products, we encourage the farmers to produce more without any inhibitions of their crop being sold for small pennies. We also support farming families financially through our highly transparent and trustworthy sponsorship programmes. For instance, we support their children for higher education.

  • Benefits for Farmer

  • 1. Need not go to market to sell your product; instead we will come to your farm to collect it

    2. No delay in payments

    3. You will get satisfaction that the product is reaching the prospective customers and is not getting wasted.

    4. You can acquire and share ideas with the fellow farmers who are there in our network which would help in the growth of your business

    5. As we disclose your identity through our website and app you would gain popularity in the consumer circle as well which would in turn help in your business.

    We welcome interested farmers who are following natural or organic farming, to collaborate with us and share your produce as we offer reasonable prices for your products.

  • Free Shipping and Doorstep delivery:

  • We offer free shipping and safe secure doorstep delivery along with online tracking to help you track your goodies on the way!

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • The Organic Planters are dedicated to bring you exceptional quality products and service. We promise a 100% satisfaction Guaranteed Taste, Freshness and Nutritional Content