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Thavalakannan Rice Flakes

Thavalakannan Rice Flakes


Thavalakannan Rice Flakes

Thavala Kannan rice flakes are rare which are rich in antioxidants, high on micronutrients and full of fibre constituents. It controls cholesterol and is high in Vit B6, micro-nutrients, fibre, iron and zinc content. Since these flakes are high in iron and zinc it prevents from anaemia and also it decreases risk of diabetes, cancer and also aids in weight loss.

  • Controls Cholesterol
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant
  • High in Vit B6, Micro-Nutrients & Fibre
  • High Iron & Zinc content (Prevents Anaemia)
  • Decreases risk of Diabetes & Cancer
  • Aids Weight Loss

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